Do I need an appointment?

We generally work by appointment only.  There are exceptions & we can sometimes “work you in” between appointments if time allows.  During our busy time we are usually booked out at least a week in advance, so call early to make your appointment!

What do I need to do to prepare?

Please remove all patio furniture, plants, barbecue grills and any other objects that could obstruct access to the surface of the project’s focus.

How much does it cost?

Get a free estimate.

Do I pay a deposit?

Larger jobs may require a deposit.

Do you fix wood rot?

Yes, absolutely! 

Is it Better to Roll or Brush Stain on a Deck?

A brush will perform better and stain a more extensive area faster. Brushes work exceptionally well on transparent stains. Rollers aren’t intended to hold stain, though a deck stain roller can work for small areas

What Is the Easiest Way to Stain a Deck?

One of the easiest methods is using a stain mop. These mops soak up a lot of stain and can cover many areas quickly. They’re very easy to use and leave a good result behind.

What Kind of Brush Do You Use for Deck Stain?

There are brushes designed explicitly for staining a deck. Our favorite is the Wooster Pro Stain Brush. Brushes are great for staining in tight corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Now that our wood deck has been sealed, how long will it last?

The longevity of the protective finish will vary based on factors including location and environmental conditions. Typically, horizontal surfaces can last up to two years, and vertical surfaces can last up to four years. We also offer a variety of maintenance plans to help protect your deck.

Do we need to be at home while you’re working on our wood deck?

No one needs to be at home while we’re working on your wood deck. We only require access to outdoor electric and water. We request that pets be kept inside.

Can my grayed-out deck be restored?

Yes, We can professionally remove the grayed out appearance of the wood and bring it back to its original state.

How long will it take?

An estimation can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.  The completion of the project will vary based on the size of the project. 

When guarantee do you offer?

We guarantee our quality workmanship.  Many of the products will carry a guarantee as well.

How do I pick my color?

Deck Revive may carry some samples but Sherman Williams has all the different color samples you’ll need.

What if my fence is falling down?

Deck Revive will survey your fence.  Many times rotted post can be replace and the fence can be revived.  If a large part of your fence has rotted…it might be time to replace your fence.

What Kind of Roller Do You Use for Stain?

Choose a roller that’s at least 18 inches wide to cover a greater surface area, and make sure the roller is the correct nap for staining.

Do Stain Pads Work?

Stain pads are excellent: They’re one of our favorite types of applicators to use. Stain mops are similar and also work really well.

What types of natural wood surfaces do you restore and maintain?

Some of the most common natural wood surfaces that we restore and maintain include wood decks, wood fences, gazebos, garage doors, sheds, playsets, cedar siding, log homes, and teak outdoor furniture.

When can we use our newly sealed wood deck again?

You should be able to walk on your newly sealed wood deck within 24 hours. We recommend that you wait 48 hours before returning heavy items, such as grills and furniture, to your deck.

Will our plants and flowers be safe while you work on our wood deck?

Yes. All of our wood deck cleaners, restorers, and strippers are eco­-friendly and biodegradable, and do not pose a risk to vegetation. We are always careful to thoroughly rinse away any residue.

Will you remove and replace our grill/deck furniture?

We ask that you remove your grill and furniture from your deck and replace it once your deck has dried. We are available to help remove items from your deck when we begin working, but we do charge an additional fee to replace items once your deck has dried.

I noticed after my deck was stripped of the old product, some parts of the deck looks “fuzzy”, Is this normal?

Yes, lignin is the natural glue in the wood that keeps the wood fibers together. When a deck is stripped, the lignin is broken down, causing the wood fibers to stand up. This is a normal occurrence and over time, the “fuzziness” will naturally diminish.