When you decide to renovate your outdoor living space, its important to start with a solid structure. Over time, elements can take a toll on outdoor wooden structures. Connected pieces can become loose, especially if they haven't been secured with deck screws. Deck Revive identifies troubled areas, presents a plan and executes minor repairs when needed.

Minor Deck & Fence



Loose Boards & Rot

• Look for lose boards or slats
• Look for wood rot or mold
• Look for signs of insect infestation
• Look for damaged areas


New Materials

• Replace wood slats if needed
• Replace wood posts if rotten
• Replace missing post caps
• Replaces splintered or broken wood


Secure with Screws

• Secure structures using screws
• Eliminates continuous rot
• Prep for staining & sealing
• Prolongs life & beauty

Deck & Fence


Wood structures become brittle and soft over time.  This can create structural issues.

When you buy a new home or put your home on the market… minor interior repairs can increase the chances of attracting or deter motivated buyers.  Keep in mind that the first thing you see as a buyer in the exterior of a home. 

The exterior appearance of your home is extremely important and can have a major impact on the chances of a smooth and successful sale.  Creating a great first impression can be key.

It can be even more valuable if you love outdoor time with family.  Enjoy your outdoor spaces and crate memorable moments at your own home.  

17 years of experience helping people for best solutions



    Rotten Posts | Moldy Slats | Spongy Surfaces

    Even pressure-treated wood can suffer wood rot.  Moisture or pooling water causes decay and can spread like cancer.

    Wood rot can easily be identified, however, it can be hidden in hard to see places where wood makes contact with the ground. The surface usually becomes spongy and discolored and begins to flakes and fall apart.  If it looks darker or grayish you might have the beginnings of a problem.


    Wood Rot

    Replace | Remove | Repair

    If damaged areas are no longer strong enough to support weight or pressure we recommend that we remove and replace.

    Its important to remove rotten wood because, as it is a fungus, it can spread like cancer. Eventually it could jeopardize the entire wood structure. Remove and replace rotten wood to avoid later and larger issues.


    with Deck Screws

    Secure | Reattach | Reinforce

    Deck screws have an advantage over nails and wooden screws.  They create less stress and risk of splitting or cracking.

    We use deck screws to fasten loose or replaced wood.  Deck screws are stronger and maintain a tighter connection over time.  These screws are Stainless steel and are ideal for outdoor use while resisting rust with inclement weather.

    17 years of experience helping people for best solutions


    Fresh & Clean

    1st: A thorough pressure wash with a mild eco-friendly cleaning solution to remove dirt, mold, grime, mildew & other unwanted debris.

    Minor Repairs

    Structural Inspection

    Repaired & Sturdy

    2nd: When needed, we securing loose boards and replace rotted posts, warped slats, fence caps and more.

    Paints & Stains

    Reviving Surfaces

    Stained or Painted

    3rd: We apply reputable stains and paints with a stellar performance track record. Decks, fences and other wood structures come back to life.

    Surface Protection

    Rejuvenating Sealants

    Sealed & Protected

    4th: We seal and protect surfaces for easier clean-up so you can enjoy them longer. Nothing better than a beautiful seal to make your home shine.