Outdoor surfaces can look better and last longer with a reputable stain and high performance sealant. In most cases general maintenance can be easier and more efficient down the road. Deck Revive uses top of the line sealants and stains to boost overall aesthetics and life of the surface. Protect your investment today with Deck Revive's surface protection process.

Outdoor Surface



Benefits of Staining

• Pigmented stains add color
• Stains offer moderate protection
• Stains Protect against UV rays
• Stains rejuvenate some woods


Benefits of Painting

• Paint is latex or oil based
• Protects agains moisture damage
• Protects against UV Rays
• Paint hides wood imperfections


Benefits of Sealing

• Protects from moisture damage
• Contain water-repellant properties
• Thicker viscosity than stains
• Can seal over stains

Enrich Outdoor


Stains add color and contrast that reveal depth and beauty to outdoor surfaces.

Maintaining and protecting outdoor surfaces is an important part of preserving your home investment. Older and weathered surfaces can be revived and rejuvenated to look brand new as well.

Deck Revive cleans and protects vulnerable wood surfaces with premium stains and top rated sealants. Keep your surfaces looking beautiful longer.

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    Staining | Conditioning | Rejuvenating

    Even pressure-treated wood can suffer wood rot.  Moisture can sit in areas where decay can spread like cancer. 

    Its not hard to identify wood rot, however, it can be in hard to reach places.  Usually its spongy, discolored and flakes or falls apart when wet.  Places where wood contacts the ground often looks dark or gray.  Its a good idea to replace.

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    Color | Finish | Protect

    You can protect outdoor wood surfaces from weather and UV rays with microporous wood paints.

    Outdoor wood paint can provide many benefits.  In addition to the protection, exterior wood paints offer a decorative touch as there are more than 200 available shades of color.  Paint also can hide discolored or blemished wood.

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    Seal | Protect | Revive

    A professional pressure wash and stain application can do wonders for your outdoor surfaces… Its not always enough.

    A sealant can prolong the beauty and color of natural or stained wood.  In most occasions surface sealants can make surface maintenance easier and more efficient.  Deck Revive uses top of the line sealants to protect your surfaces.

    17 years of experience helping people for best solutions


    Fresh & Clean

    1st: A thorough pressure wash with a mild eco-friendly cleaning solution to remove dirt, mold, grime, mildew & other unwanted debris.

    Minor Repairs

    Structural Inspection

    Repaired & Sturdy

    2nd: When needed, we securing loose boards and replace rotted posts, warped slats, fence caps and more.

    Paints & Stains

    Reviving Surfaces

    Stained or Painted

    3rd: We apply reputable stains and paints with a stellar performance track record. Decks, fences and other wood structures come back to life.

    Surface Protection

    Rejuvenating Sealants

    Sealed & Protected

    4th: We seal and protect surfaces for easier clean-up so you can enjoy them longer. Nothing better than a beautiful seal to make your home shine.